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Distribution of Primary Schools

Based on total number of primary and lower secondary schools by units and levels registered at DEOs throughout the country in the school year 2011-2012, the distribution of schools by eco-belts shows that there are 4,176 schools in Mountain, 17,339 are in Hill, 2,213 are in the Valley and 10,633 are in the Terai belt.

Among the eco-belts, the highest number of schools is in Hill and the lowest number is in the Valley. Likewise, there are 34,066 basic level schools with Grades 1-8 in the country out of which 4,169 level of schools are in Mountain, 17,288 levels of schools are in Hill, 2,094 levels of schools are in Valley and 10,515 levels of schools are in Terai belt.

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[Source: Department of Education]