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Code of Ethics

Conduct and Terms to be upheld by Travellers

Every foreigner entering into presenting in trekking in or departing from Nepal shall in addition to the provisions laid down in the act and these rules uphold the following conduct and terms:

1. Not to enter into any trekking area without the permit.

2. Not to take part in politics.

3. Not to keep or use such articles or to do such acts as are prohibited by the prevailing law.

4. Not to carry out or cause to be carried out any activity contrary to local customs and usages.

5. To observe the directions given by the competent authority in the trekking area.

6. To provide identity, photo-graph, thumb print and the document relating to arrival, presence or departure on the time of his/her arrival, presence or departure, requested by the office.

Link: http://www.immi.gov.np/miscellaneous

[Source: Department of Immigration]