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Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA)


Corruption is a social evil having pervasive nature. It is prevalent in various forms and dimensions. It has been deeply rooted in society as a 'convention', 'tradition', 'psychological need' and 'necessity' with a regular practice not only in public service, but also in business transaction and other kinds of dealings as well. All strata of the society have been adversely affected by corruption. Corruption is also the issue of governance and effective management. Corruption control is the most urgent and imperative task to be accomplished in Nepal to establish a fair and transparent governance system.

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), is an apex constitutional body to curb corruption and its tentacles in the country. Constitution of Nepal 2072 part 21 article 238 and article 239 has empowered CIAA to investigate and probe cases against the persons holding any public office and their associates who are indulged in the abuse of authority by way of corruption.

CIAA is the distinctive anti-corruption agency in South-Asia, which plays the role of an ombudsman, investigator and prosecutor as well. It aims to crack down the corruption issues at a national level with system-based approach. It also focuses on detection and punishment of corrupt acts on the one hand and social, cultural and institutional reform on the other.

More Details: http://ciaa.gov.np/

[Source:Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority(CIAA)]