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Code of Ethics Operators

Conduct and Terms to be upheld by Agencies

Each agency shall uphold the following conduct and terms, in addition to other provisions and terms laid down in the Act and these Rules:

1. Each Nepalese or foreign company or association or driver/pilot operating or handling aero plane or motor vehicle or similar other vehicle taking or carrying passengers from or to Nepal shall, while entering into and departing from, submit to the concerned office at the time in advance to the office, the name list of the Nepalese or foreign passengers being carried into or taken from Nepal by their vehicle, and crew as well as helpers.

2. The agency shall not carry such foreigners who do not have valid passports, who have been expelled, or prohibited from entering into.

3. If the persons having been prohibited from entering into under these Rules are carried in, it shall be the liability of the party carrying them to return them back at such time as directed by the Department or Office.

4. The agency shall not keep the foreigner without having passport, visa or permit at own hotel or house on rent or provide him with any service.

5. The agency has to submit to the Department a monthly list of the foreigners who are living with them or to whom service is being provided by them, within the first week of the next month.

6. The agency has to handover the person to immigration office with related documents, who have deported or entry refused by other countries.

Link: http://www.immi.gov.np/miscellaneous

[Source: Department of Immigration]