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Night Life

Kathmandu, which is generally a quiet city after twilight, bustles with life till the wee hours of the morning in the narrow alleys of Thamel and other selected places.Bars and pubs, many of which feature live music,stay open till late night while discotheques function to keep boredom at bay for night people.Frequent parties are also organized at various places especially during weekends and festivals.

Kathmandu's five star hotels and five star properties in different parts of the country also house casinos, where interested visitors gamble away small fortunes at pontoon, roulette, flush, rummy, black jack, baccarat, slot machine all hours every day.The minimum stake is low enough for novices to start. U.S, Indian and Nepali currency, traveler's cheques and major credit cards are accepted.

[Source : Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation ]