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Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides

Seed Promotion And Quality Control Center

For the increment of agricultural production, use of the improved quality seed is utmost. It is very important to conduct seed production program in a systematic way to save the quality of improved seeds from declining. A Seed Act came into existence in 2045 to regulate entire quality seed production functions and distributing quality tested seed to the local public in order to improve their competency and economic status. However, Seed Regulation came after around one decades of the existence of Seed Act in 1997. It was realized that seed testing and quality control organization also has to work with the standards of World Trade Organization for import and export of seed in coming days. So HMG/N upgraded the Seed Development and Quality Control Service Division to Seed Quality Control Center as an independent quality control organization under Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Since then, this section has been working for National Seed Board and therefore, has Secretariat of National Seed Board in the Center. Apart from that, it has three units established a Central Seed Testing Laboratory, Seed Certification Unit and Seed/Variety Registration Unit.

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[Source: Ministry of Agricultural Development / WTO/SPS National Notification Authority]


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  • [Source: Krishi Samgri Company Ltd]